Company name LinkEarthCorporation
Founding September/20/2002
CEO Akihiro Iwamoto
Directors Hiroaki Yamada / Shinji Nuriya / Yuji Suzuki
Location Head office
3-6-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan
Chiba office
1991-1 Kuranami, Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture 299-0243 Japan
Business descriptions Planning and sales of Tire Pressure Monitoring System[TP Checker®](The 21st Nikkan Jidosha Newspaper's product grand prize winning)
Planning and sales of the Far-infrared Radiation Beauty Sheet[kaiketsu Shirokuma-kun™]
Planning and sales of the Husked-soybean Manufacturing Compact size Machine
Information Technology / Internet advertisement, Electronic commerce, Web site design, System development
Capital 249 million yen
Main bank Mizuho Bank Ichigaya Branch
Related companies,
SPLANT Corporation (System architecture, Online reservation service for medical agencies[iCALL])
ASSO International Corporation (Sale of the center lock wheel system wheel for general vehicles)
MKR-J Corporation (Biotechnology, Development of the soybean powder manufacturing machine)
Organization Member of the Architectural Institute of Japan
Intellectual property right Trademark registration:[LinkEarth][DIRECT NAVI SYSTEM][Kaiketsu Shirokuma-kun]
Corporate philosophy (1) We comply with the law and behave in a responsible manner along the social norm.
(2) We respect the global environment.
(3) We make an effort to contribute to people and the society.
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